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Lighting can provide beautifully lit pathways.

Paradise Landscapes installs low voltage landscape lighting (LED) which is a beautiful enhancement for your landscape. It is also functional, allowing the user to extend the beauty of their landscape into the evening. This is very beneficial for entertaining, recreational areas and simply relaxing. The light will bring life back into your landscape that would otherwise be dark and uninviting. It will also create ambiance and a sense of well-being. For instance, a lamp with a 2700 K color temperature will provide a warm and inviting disposition. Imagine approaching dark house and surroundings versus a beautifully illuminated home. Lighting can provide beautifully lit pathways; highlight architectural features and focal points; as well as create interesting textures and shadows. In addition to the aesthetic value, lighting provides security from theft and trespassing.

Lighting provides safe navigation for visitors

A lighted landscape ensures that residents and visitors can safely navigate the property, helping to eliminate unseen obstacles. Paradise Landscapes, Bryan Kosuda is a professional lighting designer, he will strategically place lighting in a manner that achieves these desirable objectives:

  • beautification,
  • usability,
  • safety,
  • security,
  • and value.

Other important design elements include:

  • cohesion,
  • depth,
  • perspective,
  • balance,
  • and symmetry.

We will walk the property to consider all possible vantage points to develop the correct perspective

The Paradise Landscapes team will need to walk the property to consider all possible vantage points in order to develop the correct perspective. Equally important is to have a cohesive lighting plan that is symmetric. Together we will create a beautiful lighting panorama. The depth which is achieved by using fixtures with different light levels to accomplish a three-dimensional view. Paradise Landscapes TX will require the use of high, medium, and low wattage lamps with varying beam spread.

In order to create a desirable lighting scene, many lighting techniques will be applied.

Lighting Techiques:
  •  Path/Area Lighting – Provides lighting for flower beds and pathways. Also, supports a seamless transition between lighting scenes.
  •  Uplighting – Often used to highlight trees, specimen plant material, and accent key focal points. Considered a dramatic lighting technique.
  •  Down Lighting aka "Moonlighting" – Fixture placement in trees and structures provides a soft, natural lighting over large areas including walkways, driveways and lawn areas. Which provides a natural transition connecting different lighting scenes together.
  •  Cross Lighting – Allows optimum viewing from multiple angles and defines surface texture. Also, can utilize both uplighting and down lighting. An excellent technique to better illuminate trees with large canopies.
  •  Grazing – Grazing lighting is placing a fixture within one foot of walls and is aimed upward to accentuate texture on walls or tree trunks. Contact Paradise Landscapes for details.
  •  Backlighting – The backlighting technique is best suited for objects with an interesting form. Usually used in a sub-scene (not a focal point) to illuminate around the edges of an object to emphasize shape.
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  •  Mirror LIghting - The Mirror lighting technique requires a water feature. Objects behind the water feature will be illuminated, creating a reflection on the surface of the water. You will have dramatic results!
  •  Silhouetting – Fixture is placed directly behind an unlit object in an upward direction, creating a silhouette on a wall. Best reserved for distinctive shapes and produces dramatic results.
  •  Shadowing – Shadow lighting is placed in front of an object, creating shadows on walls, providing visual interest. (not only for sock puppets)
  •  Niche Lighting – Niche lighting illuminates entrance ways, steps, and underwater lighting and lends itself to increased security near your home.

Paradise Landscapes has been creating masterpiece landscaping since 1997. We want to be your go-to company for your future needs. If the future includes an add-on to your existing space or starting from scratch at your new home.

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