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Landscape Defined...

The landscape is defined as all visible features of an area of countryside or land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal. Landscaping most often refers to any activity to make a piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees and shrubs. While this may be appealing, be careful what you ask for! Professional landscaping demands much more than just putting some plants in the ground. Ask a question!

Horticulture is the science

Horticulture is the science and art of growing and using fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants and grasses for beauty and utility. As a horticulturist, I, Bryan understand the various elements that are essential for successful landscaping.

Paradise Landscapes has been serving the Central Texas area including New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Hunter Road to Seguin since 1997. We want to become your landscaper of the future. Start the process with our landscape questionnaire.

Specializing in custom design/build services, many considerations and requirements are necessary.

One must possess the knowledge of:

  •  climate and hardiness zones
  •  landscape style
  •  soil type
  •  plant selection
  •  drainage considerations
  •  water requirements
  •  wildlife presence (deer)
  •  and the level of maintenance.

A landscape style can enhance curb appeal and provide unity throughout the landscape..

Popular landscape styles are:

  •  Tropical
  •  Southwestern
  •  Modern
  •  Mediterranean
  •  French Gardens
  •  English Gardens
  •  Japanese Gardens

Xeriscape Info.

Xeriscape, although referred to as a style, isn’t a style but is a water-wise method of landscaping. Paradise Landscapes normally incorporates the seven principles of Xeriscape design in our landscape plans.

Paradise Landscapes will put careful consideration in how space will function once the details have been addressed, plants will organize and define the space. Plants have the added benefit of being utilitarian, which enables plants to be used in a way that:

  •  controls temperature and light by providing shade
  •  screen for privacy
  •  block unwanted views
  •  reduce noise
  •  and provide wildlife habitat

Often, we’re asked, “What does professional landscaping cost?” As a rule of thumb is to spend 10% of your home’s value in landscaping. This will vary according to property size, material selection, and desired landscape features. It is important to discuss a landscape budget prior to landscape design or build cost.
Try our landscape questionnaire.

  •  design a comprehensive plan
  •  creating practical turf areas
  •  use appropriate plants and group them accordingly
  •  improve soil if necessary
  •  water efficiently
  •  use mulches
  •  practice appropriate landscape maintenance
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